Our Philosophy

With its genesis back in the 1980s when the Adey family ran Darling Mills restaurant and farm, the philosophy has always been to keep the closest connection between farm and table to ensure freshest possible produce. You could say we were pioneering the ‘Farm To Table’ ethos which is so prevalent today. Initially inspired by a working stint at the produce garden which supplied Alice Water’s Chez Panisse in California, Steven Adey began growing vegetables, herbs and salad leaves on the family farm. 

From humble beginnings on the banks of the Darling Mills Creek in Castle Hill, Steven now oversees a new modern production facility at Berrilee.

New innovative production methods as well as traditional organic cropping go to ensure the best possible conditions for a wide range of crops.

A number of different growing systems combine to not only to be sustainable, but to be regenerative. With any byproducts from one system being used in another. Our compost being the crucial link which when regular added to our soil crops acts to continually improve the fertility. For a farmer to leave his soil in a richer state than when he acquired it the ultimate goal for responsible land stewardship.




Food Hygiene

At Darling Mills Farm we are committed to providing products as food safe as possible and we are HACCP accredited. Growing high quality products is paramount at Darling Mills Farm and all care in handling from growing to delivery is compliant with current health and hygiene best practice.

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Our Story

When lighthorsemen Clarence George Adey returned after WW1 , he met his future wife Erica and they settled down on a small acreage at Castle Hill on the Darling Mills Creek. They had a cow, some chickens, a vegetable garden and some fruit trees. They lived frugally but immensely enjoyed the fare that came to their table from their own hands from their small farm.

Little did they realise that their grandchildren would some day be using that very land to supply their city restaurant with fresh produce.That they would become part of a movement to revolutionise Australian eating habits introducing new herbs and vegetables to an eager public.

Darling Mills Farm , still operating today though at a different location but still with the passion for new and interesting flavourful produce.